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EMU Trike® Mobility

The EMU Trike® is the idea alternative for people looking for convenient, comfortable, stylish and affordable mobility. The EMU Trike is both OPDMD & ADA Compliant.

EMU Trike® Portability

At just 70 lbs, the EMU Trike® is extrmely portable and folds down quickly for transport in an SUV, Van or truck. You can break it down even further to stow in the trunk of a car or the basement of an RV. With the optional extra of the quick release kit you can break the EMU down in less than a minute.

EMU Trike® Versatility

The EMU Trike® is a great way to explore campgrounds, communities and theme parks. It is also ideal for a wide veriety of commercial applications, from security personnel, warehouse staff and private group tours.

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